Track curtains       Pole curtains

I recommend fitting the pole or track before measuring up, so that the curtains are the best fit. Always use a metal tape and double check all measurements. Always fit your pole or track above the window frame if possible 15 cm above and extend on each side to allow for stacking your curtains 
For a pole, measure between the finials. 
For a track, measure the entire length and the return. 
Choose your curtain length according to the diagram on the left. 
For a pole with rings, measure from the eye to the floor, window sill or below. 
If eyelets or tap top, measure from the top of the pole to the floor. 
For a track, measure from the top of the track to the floor, window sill or below. 
Adjustements can be made to hanging height of the finished curtains with the positioning of the hooks on the heading tape.


           Inside Recess               Outside Recess

Use a metal tape and double check the measurements.
Inside a recess: 
Measure the width a several points (top, middle and bottom) to allow for variations and note the narrowest measurement. Deduct 1.5 cm to give clearance and allow the  blind to move up and down freely. 
Measure length and round to the nearest centimetre. This will be your finished length. 
Outside a recess: 
First decide how much you want the blind to overlap on both sides. In my opinion it should be the same width as your window sill or more if you want your blind to be covering more light. 
For the length of the blind, I recommend the blind be set above the window frame up to 10-15cm and below the sill 5cm.