For curtains off the floor or just touching the floor, we advise to interline the curtains to minimize stretching and effect of heat on the curtains.

If the curtains are lined, we advise a small break of 1 to 5 cm as a more precise measure is not possible due to the following:

  1. Victorian houses are not straight and it is impossible to get the measure absolutely perfect as the curtain moves around the pole.


  1. Effect of temperature on curtains: Majority of fabrics are natural fibres which will react to changes in temperature and humidity. Condensation in windows, underfloor heating, close radiators, and sun , all might affect the drop of the curtains.


  1. Steaming your curtains on fitting: Curtains will be steamed on fitting after hanging. Steaming will cause lined and linen mix curtains to lengthen slightly. This is due to the nature of the fibres relaxing with the heat and steam. Cotton fibres in the opposite might shrink slightly.


  1. Measuring: If the floor is unfinished when we come to measure, we can only give an estimate as to the drop. The exact measurement  will have to be taken after floor has been laid.


Problem solving and alteration:

After dressing, we may be able to adjust the length slightly by changing the hooks.

If the curtains have to be taken down and the drop done again, we will have to charge extra for this.